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Woodham Mortimer FINAL V2

  • Woodham Mortimer race team-prepared Costin Lister pushes hard for victory and secures 2nd spot on the podium in epic rain-drenched Stirling Moss Trophy
  • Successful finishes for both Frazer Nash Le Mans Rep and Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar XK120 in the RAC Woodcote Trophy

Woodham Mortimer returned to podium winning ways at last weekend’s glorious Silverstone Classic – the world’s biggest historic racing festival. The world-renowned race preparation team that has enjoyed so much success in recent years, prepared and ran three cars at the Classic, including a potent Lister Costin which contested the Stirling Moss Trophy, an historic ex-Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar XK120 and an equally historic ex-Roy Salvadori Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica, both contesting the RAC Woodcote Trophy. For 2019, both races were combined on a single, maximum capacity grid.

At the end of a week that had seen Britain sweltering in record-breaking heat, race day witnessed a change in fortunes, as the rain came in overnight on Friday and was well established by Saturday morning. Having qualified early on Friday in warm and dry conditions, the Lister Costin of David Hart secured 6th overall in the huge 58 car grid, while the Frazer Nash of Steve Ward and the Jaguar of Josh Ward and Chris Ward both qualified well within their classes. The thoroughly drenched conditions on race day were always going to create difficult racing conditions for cars and drivers, and that was to prove to be the case. In conditions that reward driver skill as much as a car’s performance, it is a testament to David Hart that he pushed the eventual race winner hard all the way to the chequered flag, securing second place overall and only missing the top step of the podium by three seconds! David Hart also set the second-fastest time of the race, with a 2 min 42.71-sec lap.
Both the XK120 and the Frazer Nash performed faultlessly in the race, finishing 32nd and 51st respectively.

Jean-Marc Gales, CEO and Chairman of Woodham Mortimer, says: “The whole team performed fantastically well at the Silverstone Classic. We are a team that enjoys success, and to have a car finish second in such a large and competitive grid, is a fantastic result. All the cars performed faultlessly and we are looking forward to more competition in the coming months.”

Woodham Mortimer is a full-service restoration, race preparation and sales business, based in extensive facilities in Maldon, Essex.  With over 40 skilled craftsmen working in-house, the company delivers some of the highest quality restoration work seen anywhere in the world, with dedicated workshops for bodywork, paintwork, trimming, machining, engine building, final assembly and race preparation. Cars restored by Woodham Mortimer’s workforce have won honours at many of the world’s most prestigious concours events, while the race team has prepared and run some of the most successful historic racing cars to compete for international events of every type. 

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Kingsley Cars Suspension Kit

The Range Rover engineering and restoration specialist Kingsley Cars has released a unique range of direct-fitment upgrades for classic Range Rover models that allow owners to improve their vehicles, without changing the appearance of their classic cars. Engineered to transform the handling and braking characteristics of classic cars, the Fast Road Suspension Kit and Fast Road Brake kit are designed to be quickly and easily fitted in place of OEM equipment.
As an independent Range Rover specialist, with over 20 years’ experience in the marketplace, Kingsley Cars has used the expertise gained over countless restorations to engineer its two latest off-the-shelf upgrade packages. For owners of classic Range Rovers who are seeking to improve the ride and safety of their vehicles without having to compromise the visual or structural integrity of their classic cars, the brake and suspension kits provide an ideal solution at an affordable price.
Damon Oorloff, founder and chairman of Kingsley Cars, said “With the new Kingsley Cars Fast Road Suspension Performance Brake Kit, the ride and handling is transformed, and stronger, safer braking is achieved without the need to fit bigger, aftermarket alloy wheels. Not only does the driver have increased enjoyment and confidence in their vehicles, but also the classic looks of the Range Rover are preserved. We are able to transform these vehicles into what are, for their size, truly engaging drivers cars, while maintaining the correct period aesthetic.”
Kit details:
The Kingsley Cars Performance Brake Kit is also designed to be a direct fitment across all classic Range Rover models and is the only available performance brake kit that can be fitted under a factory-spec 16” wheel. Featuring six-piston calipers at the front and four-piston callipers at the rear, the Kingsley system provides exceptional stopping power, increased pedal feel and a remarkable resistance to fade, even under heavy use. It is unique in being the most compact performance braking system available on the market, meaning that it does not require the fitment of larger diameter wheels to accommodate the upgrade.
The Kingsley Cars Fast Road Suspension set has been engineered as a 31-piece kit that maintains the near magic-carpet ride for which these luxury vehicles are known but in combination with tuned dampers and custom springs that gives these cars driver appeal on today’s roads. Compliant ride quality at low speed, with high levels of vehicle control and minimal body roll at high speed, is transformative for both drivers and passengers alike. The kit is sold as a complete set and includes all the necessary bushes, bolts and clips needed for fitment, which can be carried out by any reputable garage, or confident home mechanic.
Damon added, “Although a well-accepted range of enhancements exists for those looking to maximize the off-road capabilities of their Range Rovers, in our experience over the last 25 years, our clients use their classic Range Rovers primarily on the road. When we looked for suspension kits that would allow them to enjoy their vehicles in this way, we couldn’t find any that matched the three criteria of, comfort, control and ease of fitting so we engineered our own. I am proud to say that the Kingsley Cars Fast Road suspension kit gives possibly the best ride you will ever experience in a Range Rover Classic.”
Both kits are available to be purchased online or by phone direct from Kingsley Cars and are priced both individually and wholesale, subject to negotiation. All kits are able to be shipped globally for local fitting or can be fitted on appointment by Kingsley Cars in their Oxfordshire workshops.
Fast Road Suspension Kit includes:
  • 4 x high-performance custom calibrated dampers (fully serviceable) with rubber mounting kit
  • 4 x lowered spring set with new front and rear isolator mounts
  • 1 x Uprated rear anti-roll bar
  • 2 x Rear anti-roll bar links and bushes 
  • 2 x Front anti-roll bar links and bushes
  • 4 x ARB mount bushes (front and rear) 
  • 4 x Trailing arm bushes (front and rear)
  • 8 x Radius arm bushes (front and rear)
  • 2 x A-frame bushes
  • All required bolts and nylock nuts
Total kit £2,895+VAT supplied only, or £3,775+VAT fitted
Upgrade Brake Kit includes:
  • Six-piston front calipers, clips and hoses
  • Four-piston rear calipers, clips and hoses
  • 4 x vented disks
  • 4 x performance brake pads
Total kit £4995 + VAT Supplied. Wholesale pricing available on request



 Land Rover Classic is introducing a range of upgrades for older Defender models which deliver enhanced performance and on-road agility inspired by the exclusive limited-edition Defender Works V8 – 70th Edition.
The new Upgrade Kits, the first of their kind from Land Rover Classic, allow Defender owners to enhance 90 and 110 derivatives built between 1994 and 2016.
Calum McKechnie, Head of Land Rover Classic, said“In 2018, Land Rover’s 70thAnniversary year, we saw unprecedented demand for the limited-edition Defender Works V8, which brought new levels of handling and performance to this iconic vehicle. Extending the range of fully engineered, tested and approved upgrades offered by Land Rover Classic underlines our commitment to supporting existing Defender owners, as we look forward to the new Defender’s world premiere later this year.”
Upgrades start with diamond-turned 18-inch Sawtooth alloy wheels which can be fitted to Defenders built from 1994 model year* onwards.
The Defender Suspension Upgrade Kit is suitable from 2007 model year vehicles, comprising uniquely-tuned suspension tailored for on-road comfort and dynamics with revised coil spring rates, dampers, anti-roll bars, links and bushes.
The Defender Handling Upgrade Kit adds uprated Works V8 specification brake discs, pads and calipers to the 18-inch Sawtooth alloy wheels and enhanced suspension.
The final and most comprehensive upgrade option is only available on 2.2-litre TDCi models produced from 2012 model year onwards and is only available direct from Land Rover Classic. The Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit includes all of the wheel, brake and suspension elements in addition to new performance-rated tyres and an engine upgrade which delivers an extra 40PS – total output of 162PS and 463Nm torque. Top speed is increased to 106mph.
The Classic Works Upgrade Kit also includes bespoke badging on the front wings, an owner’s certificate, vehicle collection, health check and handover with a tour of Land Rover’s Classic Works, UK, or Essen, Germany, facility – where the upgrade is carried-out.
All components have been fully assessed to the same standards as Works V8 in dynamic testing, with engineers meeting the same fast road and braking targets for Upgrade Kit components as last year’s limited-run model. CO2 emissions meet the same EU5 N1 Commercial standards as a standard 2.2 TDCi, with emissions control systems retained.
Customers can order the Sawtooth alloy wheels, Suspension and Handling Upgrade Kits and have them fitted by their local Land Rover Retailer as well as Land Rover Classic’s facilities in Coventry and Essen. The Sawtooth wheel kit with tyres, and the ultimate Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit, can only be purchased and fitted at Land Rover Classic’s own facilities.
Upgrade Kit
UK retail price including VAT
Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit - 90
£16,995 - fitted by Land Rover Classic in UK
Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit - 110
£16,995 - fitted by Land Rover Classic in UK
Handling Upgrade Kit - 90
£10,391.47 - parts only
Handling Upgrade Kit - 110
£9,967.37 - parts only
Suspension Upgrade Kit - 90
£2,247.07 - parts only
Suspension Upgrade Kit - 110
£1,822.97 - parts only
18-inch Sawtooth wheel kit and tyres
£4,068 - fitted by Land Rover Classic in UK
18-inch Sawtooth wheel kit (x5)
£2,160 - parts only
18-inch Sawtooth wheel (x1)
£432 - parts only

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  • Fastest accelerating, most technologically-advanced hypercar ever built
  • 0 to 60mph in 1.85 seconds
  • 0 to 186mph in 11.8 seconds
  • Top speed of 258 mph
  • 4 electric motors and a 120 kWh battery generating 1,887 bhp and 2,300 Nm of torque
  • Limited to 150 units
  • First deliveries 2020
The Directors of Salon Privé are delighted to announce another spectacular launch at this year’s event with the return of Rimac Automobili who will present their sensational Rimac C_Two.

In less than 10 years, Rimac Automobili, based in Croatia, has become a technological powerhouse not only creating its own spectacular hypercars but also developing full technology solutions for global automotive manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Automobili Pininfarina, Koenigsegg, Porsche and many more. Porsche AG and Hyundai Motor Group have also become minority shareholders in the last two years.

The all-new Rimac C_Two is a testament to the company’s technological advancements. Engineered as a pure electric GT and using the expert knowledge gleaned from the brilliantly powerful Concept_One, first shown at Salon Privé back in 2012, the Rimac C_Two combines the very best materials and bespoke technology to create the most technologically-advanced as well as fastest accelerating hypercar ever built.

David Bagley, Co-Founder & Sales Director commented, What Mate and his team have achieved in such a relatively short period of time is simply extraordinary. Not content with designing, engineering and building their own amazing hypercars, they have become technological partners and OEM suppliers to some of the world's oldest and most prestigious automotive brands which is an incredible achievement in itself. Having first met Mate at Villa d'Este when the company and Concept_One were newly-launched, on a personal level, it's thrilling to see the company where it is now, leading the world in EV technology systems.

Designed and produced in-house, it is made entirely from scratch with all-new, groundbreaking technologies such as a full carbon fibre monocoque with bonded carbon roof, integrated battery pack and powertrain. An innovative battery pack in technology and layout delivers 120 kWh energy and 1.4MW of power with exceptional thermal management. With a top speed of 258 mph (412 km/h), a zero to 60mph time of 1.85 seconds and a zero to 100 mph (161 km/h) time of 4.3, the Rimac C_Two makes devastating use of the instant-torque available to an electric vehicle and the traction made possible by the unique drivetrain and bespoke tyres. More than that, the Rimac C_Two maintains its sensational acceleration throughout the full-throttle cycle, achieving 186 mph (300 km/h) from rest in just 11.8 seconds. Next-generation R-AWTV (Rimac All-Wheel Torque Vectoring) controls four electric motors, one per each wheel and is available (and necessary!)  to harness 1,887 bhp (1,408 kW) of power and 2,300 Nm of torque - two and a half times the torque output of a contemporary hypercar.

With prototypes now in production, the Rimac C_Two will soon take its final shape and the first customers cars will be delivered in 2020.

Rimac Automobili Founder & CEO, Mate Rimac said, We are very excited to be back at Salon Privé, celebrating the automotive history and bringing a taste of the future. 2012, when Rimac Concept_One - the world's first all-electric supercar made its debut at Salon Privé, seems light-years away. This time around, we will join with our new generation, the Rimac C_Two - the fastest accelerating, most exciting, and most technologically-advanced hypercar ever-built. We are looking forward to sharing the event with H.R. Owen, our Official Partner in the UK.“


Sir Jackie Stewart presenting trophy's at the Classic

Boasting an unrivalled programme of 21 epic retro races, there was no shortage of winners at last weekend’s record-breaking Silverstone Classic – some were even presented with their coveted trophies by racing legends including three-time World Champion Sir Jackie Stewart, touring car ace Gordon Spice and rally star Paddy Hopkirk.
They were not the only winners, though, with a host of other trophies being awarded to worthy recipients throughout the action-packed weekend, topped by the two Scarf & Goggles Awards. These honour the founding achievements of Stuart Graham and Mervyn Garton – two of the driving forces behind the groundbreaking festival’s creation back in 1990.
As a director of the British Racing Drivers’ Club, Graham masterminded the on-track racing while Garton was charged with providing visitors with off-track entertainment – two of the Classic’s pillars to this day.
This year the Stuart Graham Scarf & Goggles Award for the Most Admired Racing Car was won by the stunning flat-12 cylinder 1965 Ferrari 1512 as raced by Joe Colasacco in the pair of evocative races for the Gallet Trophy for Pre ’66 Grand Prix Cars (HGPCA). Graham presented the trophy to Larry Auriana, the Italian/American owner of the beautifully restored and cherished scarlet F1 icon.
The equally-prized Mervyn Garton Scarf & Goggles Award for the Best Off-Track Visitor Attraction at this year’s Classic was presented to the Sporting Bears Club by Mervyn’s widow Janet. By offering visitors Dream Rides in a selection of great cars, Sporting Bears not only fulfilled many lifelong ambitions but also raised more than £4,000 for children's charities.
The Adrian Flux Trophy for the Best Car Club Display went to the ever-enthusiastic and friendly UK S2000 Owners Club which marked the Honda soft-top’s 20th anniversary with an impressive and immaculately turned-out display of two-seater sportscars.
Equally deserving were the two Yokohama Trophy winners. The Club Car of the Show award being presented to the unique Routledge Special RA4 – an Alvis-based creation raced by its creator Norman Routledge at Silverstone 65 years ago, while the Supercar Legends Car of the Show was won by a crowd-pleasing De Tomaso Pantera GT5 – a real eye-catcher in the Supercar Legends Display, presented by Yokohama.
Finally – and, perhaps, best capturing the incredible passion and excitement of the racing at the Classic – is the accolade introduced last year in memory of much-missed commentator Henry Hope-Frost who lost his life in a road accident.
Henry’s knowledge and euphoria behind the microphone inspired many visitors to the Classic, and the #FEVER Award honours his contagious enthusiasm for motorsport. It was presented to Miles Griffiths for his victory in Saturday’s sensational HSCC Historic Formula 2 showdown. The thrilling three-car battle for top honours in challenging slippery conditions epitomised what Henry relished about the Silverstone Classic.



Beaulieu’s 50th Fireworks Spectacular will take you Out of this World on Saturday 26thOctober when the event celebrates the anniversary of the first moon landing.
Beaulieu’s first fireworks event was held in the same year as the lunar landing of Apollo 11 and so the half-centenary event will be choreographed to an impressive space-themed playlist.
In association with Wave 105, Fireworks Spectacular will start half-term holidays with a bang, with entertainment for all of the family at one of the biggest fireworks displays in the south. 
Event-goers can arrive early from 3pm to enjoy all of the features of the Beaulieu attraction, including the National Motor MuseumPalace House and Beaulieu AbbeyTraditional fairground rides will include a big wheel and popular gallopers, children’s swing boats and a coconut shy, while rides on the Monorail will be offered into the evening.*
From 7pm on the Wave 105 stage, radio presenters will get the evening off to a dynamic start with live entertainment running before and after the fireworks. The fireworks display will get underway at approximately 7.30pm and hot food and drinks are available inside and out.
Tickets can be bought in advance online before 5pm on October 24th, at £13.50 an adult, £8.75 a child and £38 a family. Tickets can also be bought on arrival from 3pm on October 26th. For tickets or more details see or call 01590 612888.
Visitors with general attraction Beaulieu tickets who arrive earlier in the day are welcome to stay and enjoy the fireworks, while entry with event tickets is from 3pm.
Event admission also includes entry to the Beaulieu attraction until 5pm, with the exception of World of Top Gear which closes at 3pm. The National Motor Museum, with its Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 50 years exhibition, will stay open until 9.30pm.
* Old time fairground and monorail rides are subject to availability and will be offered at good-value extra charges.

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29 July 2019
Established more than 50 years ago in the Essex Village of Moreton, P & A Wood are one of the world’s leading Rolls-Royce and Bentley specialists restoring, servicing and selling cars across both marques from 1904 to the present day.

Operating from their beautiful, traditionally-styled premises in Great Easton, P&A Wood were appointed in 2001 as ‘The Official Rolls-Royce and Bentley Heritage Dealers’ in recognition of their knowledge and expertise.

As Salon Privé is set to host the UK’s most spectacular centenary celebration for Bentley this year, it is fitting that P & A Wood will be supporting the event with their own display of exceptional motorcars, which it is hoped will include the following examples:
  • Bentley 3½ Litre 2-door Coupé by Hooper
    This car features exceptionally attractive coachwork and is finished in Brewster Green and Black with Tan hide upholstery. It is in excellent condition and has an impressive history of major concours awards.
  • Bentley Continental S Convertible LHD
    This is a unique example and considered as the most desirable of all the Continental Convertible models. Converted to Bentley specification by P & A Wood, the engine was modified with a Zetec engine management system for enhanced performance and also features the latest braking system.
  • Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost London to Edinburgh – Chassis No. 1701
    Known as the Sluggard, this is the actual original car that completed the London to Edinburgh top gear trial in 1911.  Fitted with rare underslung rear suspension, it is one of the most famous Rolls-Royce’s in the world.
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom V LHD (PV23) by James Young
    One of very few made with the Hooper rear quarter windows, exceptionally elegant coachwork.
Commenting on their attendance, Managing Director Georgina Wood said ‘We at P & A Wood are delighted to be taking part in this year’s Salon Privé as an exhibitor, particularly due to the Bentley Centenary celebrations. We have attended the event with various customers and their cars over the years and are very much looking forward to a closer working relationship with the team at Salon Privé’.

Co-founder & Sales Director of Salon Privé, David Bagley commented, “It’s been a while since P & A Wood last exhibited at Salon Privé and so we’re very pleased to see them back with us and with such a spectacular display of Rolls-Royce and Bentley models. We’re grateful too for the support they have shown us in curating the amazing collection of 50 + Bentley's for the centenary celebrations.”


Woodham Mortimer FINAL V2

  • Woodham Mortimer customers campaigning four historic cars to world’s largest classic motor racing festival
  • Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar XK120 and Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica to compete in Woodcote Trophy
  • Archie Scott-Brown Lister Jaguar Costin racing in Stirling Moss Trophy
  • Bentley 3/4½ litre featured in Bentley Centenary Race

 Woodham Mortimer, the leading race preparation and classic car restoration specialist, will support four iconic British cars at this year’s Silverstone Classic (26 – 28 July). All expertly prepared and maintained by the Woodham Mortimer Race Team, entries include a Bentley 3/4½ litre, Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica, ex-Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar XK120 and Lister-Jaguar Costin.

As the world’s largest classic motor racing festival, Silverstone Classic attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year and features unrivalled track action, with a wide spectrum of historic racing cars from all eras. This year is set to be yet another unmissable event, with a packed three-day race programme attracting entries from all eras.

Woodham Mortimer customers will campaign the former Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar XK120, Lister Jaguar Costin and Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica in the coveted the Stirling Moss and Woodcote Trophy.

Founded in November 1951, Scottish businessman and amateur racing driver David Murray led his team, Ecurie Ecosse, to win consecutive Le Mans 24 Hour races for Jaguar in 1956 and 1957. Legendary car, LXO 126, is the sole survivor of the team’s three Jaguar XK120s, previously driven by Sir James Scott Douglas and still sports the iconic blue and white team livery. Taking the reins at Silverstone Classic this year will be Josh Ward and Chris Ward.

Behind the wheel of the Lister-Jaguar, Costin will be David Hart. The car started life as a works Lister ‘Knobbly’ and was campaigned by Brian Lister’s most cherished driver, Archie Scott-Brown in 1958. Lister refitted the car the following year with the sleeker bodywork designed by aerodynamicist, Frank Costin. That year, the car went on to compete at the Le Mans 24 Hours and star in the MGM film, The Green Helmet.

Also competing for the Woodcote Trophy is the 1951 Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica, piloted by Steve Ward. Shown at the 1948 Earls Court Motor Show, Frazer Nash’s first post-war car was originally called the High Speed. It was renamed the Le Mans Replica following the marque’s third-place finish at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1949.

Josh Ward and Thomas Ward will also race a beautiful example of the iconic Bentley 3/4½ litre Bentley Centenary Trophy for Pre-War Sports Cars. Commemorating 100 years since the marque was founded, the Trophy will feature more than 30 racing Bentleys alongside a wide array of pre-war racers, including Aston Martins, Bugattis and MGs.

Jean-Marc Gales, Chairman and CEO at Woodham Mortimer, said: “We are truly excited to spearhead a calendar of prestigious motorsport events, as the race and workshop divisions of our business flourish. Our team of expert craftsmen is highly experienced in all aspects of race preparation and support, and our order books for race and workshop services are filling up fast. This is a testament to the fact that Woodham Mortimer is the one-stop service for so many who are also looking forward to participating in the motorsport season.”

At the Silverstone Classic, Woodham Mortimer will be displaying selected cars for sale in the Classic Marketplace area. Customers wishing to speak to staff about consignment, restoration, racing or sales should visit the Woodham Mortimer stand over the weekend.

Woodham Mortimer is a full-service restoration, race preparation and sales business, based in extensive facilities in Maldon, Essex.  With more than 40 skilled craftsmen working in-house, the company delivers some of the highest quality race preparation work in the world. Its race team has prepared and run some of the most successful historic racing cars to compete at international events. Cars restored by Woodham Mortimer’s team of experts have won honours at many of the world’s most prestigious Concours events.



50th anniversary of Woodstock at the 2019 Silverstone Classic

The curtain has come down on another record-breaking Silverstone Classic that wowed the crowds from Friday morning through to Sunday evening.

This 2019 edition of the hugely popular blockbuster event attracted record grids, record car club attendees, record spectator numbers giving a total attendance of 109,000 over the weekend – a significant increase on previous years.

A total of 21 spine-tingling retro races, countless off-track entertainment, packed car club displays and iconic anniversary parades elevated the world’s biggest classic car motor racing event to even greater heights.

Following the opening 12 races on Super Saturday – as well as a second night of ‘rocking’ at the Classic’s renowned live music festival, which this year celebrated the 50th anniversary of Woodstock – there was yet another packed day of entertainment waiting on Sunday.

The final day’s on-track headlines arguably belonged to Steve Hartley in the ex-John Watson McLaren MP4/1 – the car in which ‘Wattie’ famously raced from 17th on the grid to the top step of the podium in the inaugural Detroit Grand Prix back in 1982.

It was a beautiful scene of yesteryear as Hartley’s red and white McLaren went toe-to-toe with the Williams FW07C of Mike Cantillon, the former eventually won the closely fought Sir Jackie Stewart Trophy for FIA Masters Historic Formula One contest by just 0.382s.

Another famous Formula 1 rivalry was renewed in the Gallet Trophy for Pre ’66 Grand Prix Cars as old adversaries Lotus and Brabham turned back the clock. Sam Wilson in the Lotus 18 beat Jon Fairley’s Brabham BT11/19 to take overall honours.

Further exciting duels followed in the International Trophy for Classic GT Cars (Pre ’66) as a couple of Cobras eventually got the better of two Jaguar E-types. It was Julian Thomas and Calum Lockie who won the showdown in their Shelby Daytona Cobra from the AC Cobra Daytona Coupe of David and Oliver Hart.

Tin top cars and stars were also out in force during the Historic Touring Car Challenge, which Ford machinery – the most successful marque in BTCC history – fittingly dominated.

Michael Lyons cruised to victory in his Spa 24-Hours winning Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500, whilst Craig Davies stole second on the final corner in an identical machine. That meant Steve Dance had to settle for the final step on the rostrum overall, but he was further rewarded with the Gordon Spice Trophy as the highest placed Ford Capri finisher. The Capri celebrations continued with a special 50th-anniversary parade during the lunch break.

Current BTCC stars Colin Turkington and Adam Morgan also contested the race, but both faced heartache as mechanical woes forced their retirement.

The jam-packed HSCC Historic Formula 2 field again produced a hugely exciting race as Martin O’Connell bounced back from a last-lap spin in yesterday’s lead tussle to win the morning’s wet/dry challenge in style. 

Jonathan Kennard proved to be one of the drivers of the weekend as he took his and Mike Cantillon’s Pescarolo LMP1 to two victories in the Yokohama Trophy for FIA Masters Historic Sports Cars. Kennard and Cantillon went wheel-to-wheel with Le Mans podium finisher Emmanuel Collard to win Saturday evening’s race, but the duo completely dominated Sunday’s affair.

22-year-old Dane Christian Olsen made it a double in the HSCC Classic Formula 3, whilst Georg Hallau won today’s HSCC Thundersports Endurance encounter.

The Mini Celebration Trophy Presented by Adrian Flux provided a fitting end to a weekend which had begun with Paddy Hopkirk leading the 60thanniversary parade of Minis, driving his 1964 Monte Carlo Rally winning Cooper S.

It was current BTCC star Adam Morgan who had the final say by claiming victory in his Morris Mini Cooper S.

While the amazing variety of racing remains the heartbeat of the event, as ever a host of on- and off-track entertainment further fuelled the massive three-day festival…

As on Saturday, three-time World Champion Sir Jackie Stewart demonstrated his incredible title-winning Matra MS80-02, 50 years after winning his first British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1969 en route to the first of his three world championship titles.

Fronted by two-wheeled champions Wayne Gardner and Freddie Spencer, the World GP Bike Legends also rolled back the years with high-speed track demonstrations.

Record numbers of car clubs also attended this year’s event, providing visitors with more than 10,000 privately-owned classic cars to admire. 

The two-day Silverstone Auctions sale saw huge numbers of competition and classic road cars coming under the hammer, while Car Clinics – hosted by TV’s Mike Brewer – supplied a unique insight into classic car ownership.

There was further family entertainment from the tyre-burning Streetcar Shootout, which shared the Shift & Drift Zone with Slowly Sideways Rally Demonstrations and Terry Grant Stunt Shows.

Younger visitors were also able to enjoy all the fun of the fair with a host of rides and activities, which populated the festival’s popular Village Green.

“The Classic lived up to it's Rocking and Racing’ billing – the cars were the stars and all the families had brilliant fun,” said Nick Wigley, Silverstone Classic CEO.

“The race programme was the most varied yet and the Mini races, in particular, will live long in the memory. In truth, the entire race programme has been extraordinary both in terms of great cars and exceptional driving skills. 

“As ever, the racing is just part of the huge extravaganza that is today’s Silverstone Classic. This year’s event attracted an unprecedented crowd and we would like to thank everybody for coming, as well as all of the drivers, marshals, exhibitors, entertainers, performers and everyone else who made the event such a huge success.”

For those that were unable to attend – or for those in attendance who would like to relive the whole experience – you can catch all the action on ITV4 and YouTube. 

ITV4 will broadcast highlights immediately after live coverage of the BTCC from Thruxton on 18 August, and will be presented by Louise Goodman and Tiff Needell, whilst all 21-races will be available on YouTube during the coming days.

The date of the 2020 Silverstone Classic will be announced shortly.