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Kingsley Cars Suspension Kit

The Range Rover engineering and restoration specialist Kingsley Cars has released a unique range of direct-fitment upgrades for classic Range Rover models that allow owners to improve their vehicles, without changing the appearance of their classic cars. Engineered to transform the handling and braking characteristics of classic cars, the Fast Road Suspension Kit and Fast Road Brake kit are designed to be quickly and easily fitted in place of OEM equipment.
As an independent Range Rover specialist, with over 20 years’ experience in the marketplace, Kingsley Cars has used the expertise gained over countless restorations to engineer its two latest off-the-shelf upgrade packages. For owners of classic Range Rovers who are seeking to improve the ride and safety of their vehicles without having to compromise the visual or structural integrity of their classic cars, the brake and suspension kits provide an ideal solution at an affordable price.
Damon Oorloff, founder and chairman of Kingsley Cars, said “With the new Kingsley Cars Fast Road Suspension Performance Brake Kit, the ride and handling is transformed, and stronger, safer braking is achieved without the need to fit bigger, aftermarket alloy wheels. Not only does the driver have increased enjoyment and confidence in their vehicles, but also the classic looks of the Range Rover are preserved. We are able to transform these vehicles into what are, for their size, truly engaging drivers cars, while maintaining the correct period aesthetic.”
Kit details:
The Kingsley Cars Performance Brake Kit is also designed to be a direct fitment across all classic Range Rover models and is the only available performance brake kit that can be fitted under a factory-spec 16” wheel. Featuring six-piston calipers at the front and four-piston callipers at the rear, the Kingsley system provides exceptional stopping power, increased pedal feel and a remarkable resistance to fade, even under heavy use. It is unique in being the most compact performance braking system available on the market, meaning that it does not require the fitment of larger diameter wheels to accommodate the upgrade.
The Kingsley Cars Fast Road Suspension set has been engineered as a 31-piece kit that maintains the near magic-carpet ride for which these luxury vehicles are known but in combination with tuned dampers and custom springs that gives these cars driver appeal on today’s roads. Compliant ride quality at low speed, with high levels of vehicle control and minimal body roll at high speed, is transformative for both drivers and passengers alike. The kit is sold as a complete set and includes all the necessary bushes, bolts and clips needed for fitment, which can be carried out by any reputable garage, or confident home mechanic.
Damon added, “Although a well-accepted range of enhancements exists for those looking to maximize the off-road capabilities of their Range Rovers, in our experience over the last 25 years, our clients use their classic Range Rovers primarily on the road. When we looked for suspension kits that would allow them to enjoy their vehicles in this way, we couldn’t find any that matched the three criteria of, comfort, control and ease of fitting so we engineered our own. I am proud to say that the Kingsley Cars Fast Road suspension kit gives possibly the best ride you will ever experience in a Range Rover Classic.”
Both kits are available to be purchased online or by phone direct from Kingsley Cars and are priced both individually and wholesale, subject to negotiation. All kits are able to be shipped globally for local fitting or can be fitted on appointment by Kingsley Cars in their Oxfordshire workshops.
Fast Road Suspension Kit includes:
  • 4 x high-performance custom calibrated dampers (fully serviceable) with rubber mounting kit
  • 4 x lowered spring set with new front and rear isolator mounts
  • 1 x Uprated rear anti-roll bar
  • 2 x Rear anti-roll bar links and bushes 
  • 2 x Front anti-roll bar links and bushes
  • 4 x ARB mount bushes (front and rear) 
  • 4 x Trailing arm bushes (front and rear)
  • 8 x Radius arm bushes (front and rear)
  • 2 x A-frame bushes
  • All required bolts and nylock nuts
Total kit £2,895+VAT supplied only, or £3,775+VAT fitted
Upgrade Brake Kit includes:
  • Six-piston front calipers, clips and hoses
  • Four-piston rear calipers, clips and hoses
  • 4 x vented disks
  • 4 x performance brake pads
Total kit £4995 + VAT Supplied. Wholesale pricing available on request

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