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Volkswagen Hebmüller Cabriolet and Karmann Cabriolet

Wolfsburg/Essen – Volkswagen Classic is presenting three themed areas at the world’s largest fair for vintage automobiles. Six unique record breakers and a 68-page booklet recount superlative achievements from the world of Volkswagen. “Summer Forever” honours 70 years of the Beetle Cabriolet with two rare exhibits. “Youth at Work” displays a special apprentice project: trainees from Volkswagen Osnabrück will complete the restoration of a classic in Hall 4.0.
Record breakers – legendary Volkswagen vehicles
They have set the benchmark with their speed, endurance or economy: Volkswagen Classic presents six exhibits from three decades of Volkswagen record breaking.

The most recent record-breaking car is a thoroughbred racer: the Volkswagen W12 set ten international records at the high-speed circuit in Nardò (Italy) in 2001. The following year, the 400-kW (600-PS) experimental vehicle bettered all of its own records and set a new 24-hour world record with an average speed of 322.89 km/h. The W12 Nardo’s records still stand to this day.
Back in 2000, the Lupo 3L TDI “80 Days” set out to set an economy record: under the motto “Around the World in 80 Days”, two Lupo 3L TDI covered exactly 33,333 kilometres on their journey through 22 countries. The average consumption of just 2.38 litres per 100 kilometres earned the car its place in the Guinness Book of Records – as the most economical production car in the world.
In 1988, two pilot-series Corrado G60 set six class records at the Volkswagen test facility in Ehra-Lessien. Visitors to Essen can see one of the 162-kW (220-PS) sports coupés from 1987.
A three-wheel prototype generating 0.2 kW (0.272 PS) set a consumption world record in 1982: the SMVW (Volkswagen Ecomobile) completed a 1,491-kilometre route on just one litre of diesel.
Built in 1974, the Golf I “Alaska-Tierra del Fuego” is one of the oldest production Golf. In October 1974, together with another bright-yellow Golf I, this car undertook what is probably the longest test drive by a new model: 30,517 kilometres, from Fairbanks (Alaska) to Ushuaia (Argentina).
On 17 February 1972, the Beetle became the most-built car in the world. To mark this production record, Volkswagen released its first special edition: the Beetle 1302 S “World Champion”.
Mission Maximum – page after page of records
The new booklet “Mission Maximum” is packed with intriguing stories from the world of Volkswagen. You can pick up the 68-page booklet free of charge from the Volkswagen Classic exhibition stand.

Summer Forever – 70 years of the Beetle Cabriolet
In 1949, Volkswagen launched its first topless production version of Type 1 (“Beetle”). To mark the 70th anniversary, Volkswagen Classic is proud to present to extremely rare models: a Karmann Cabriolet (Type 151) from 1949, the first year of production, and a 1950 Hebmüller Cabriolet (Type 14A), one of only 696 cars built.

Youth at Work – the Volkswagen Osnabrück trainee project
An extraordinary internship: since December 2018, Fábio Lopes and Marvin Wiethölter have been restoring a Type 3 TL, including an engine upgrade to Type 4. The trainee auto mechanics in the field of system and high-voltage technology at Volkswagen Osnabrück will complete their assembly of the 1968 classic at the Techno Classica.

The world of Volkswagen Classic
Volkswagen Classic is showing nine models from its own collection, Volkswagen AutoMuseum foundation and Autostadt Wolfsburg. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Oldtimer will also be present in Hall 4.0, marking the 40th anniversary of the T3 and 60 years of civil speed control. You can find information regarding original spare parts at the Volkswagen Classic Parts stand.

Over 1,250 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and over 200 clubs and international communities are expected at the 120,000-m² site of the 31st Techno Classica in Essen. 2,700 collector’s items will also be up for sale. In 2018 the world’s leading fair for the vintage car sector was visited by 188,000 people from 41 countries.
2001 Volkswagen W12 Nardo

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