Thursday, 27 November 2014

Send an Email to George Osborne to Cut Fuel Duty in his Autumn Statement

We need your help to Ask the Chancellor for a Cut in Duty in Next Weeks Autumn Statement

Dear FairFuelUK Supporter

On Wednesday December 3rd, George Osborne will deliver his Autumn Statement. He is bombarded with requests from campaigning groups for tax incentives and cuts. Those that shout the loudest and have the best evidence for tax change are heard. In the past through our supporters 50,000 emails are usually sent to MPS and Ministers in just 48 Hours. And that where we need your help again.

In this case we just want you to send an email to the Treasury. So please help in the fight for pricing sanity at the pumps and send an email to the Chancellor before December 3rd using this link. Feel free to add your own comments in your email in support of FairFuelUK’s campaigning objectives. We've made it easy using this specialist emailing process

The Chancellor and his Treasury Secretaries Priti Patel and Danny Alexander are fully aware of FairFuelUK's Campaign Objectives as follows:

  • FairFuelUK wants assurance for its supporters that a potential duty increase option available to the Chancellor if oil falls to $75 a barrel will not be taken up. The Price of Oil is now $78 down from the heady heights of $145.
  • With consumers rightly cross and confused, FairFuelUK and its one million supporters want the Government to re-visit the issues of oil price manipulation and forecourt pricing and use the Competition and Markets Authority to set up an “OffPump” type enquiry to bring transparency and clarity to this opaque market.
  • FairFuelUK repeats its main campaigning call to Mr Osborne for his support of a 3p cut in duty in the Autumn Statement and/or March Budget, following its empirical economic evidence that cutting duty is good for new jobs, increasing GDP and lowering inflation. Such evidence has even been endorsed by the Treasury
  • Will Mr Osborne please support FairFuelUK's call for fuel pump receipts to clearly show all the taxes involved when filling up, not just the VAT component.

So please help with getting these messages across by emailing the Chancellor via the Treasury using this link CLICK HERE -

Thanks massively for your help, it will make a huge difference....

Quentin Willson and Howard Cox - FairFuelUK Campaigners

Copy this link to send your email to the Treasury:

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