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Audi Tradition at full throttle for Festival of Speed

Audi will be paying homage to its racing and rallying heritage by unleashing three historically important models – the Audi Rallye Quattro A2, 90 Quattro IMSA-GTO and 200 Quattro TransAm – up the hill at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.'
At this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed (taking place from 4th to 7th of July), Audi Tradition will be sending the Audi Rallye quattro A2, the Audi 90 quattro IMSA-GTO and the Audi 200 quattro TransAm to take on the world-famous hill climb. The Audi Motorsport icons will be driven by outstanding names from Audi's history. World rally champion Stig Blomqvist will drive the car with which he became world champion in 1984. Five-time Le Mans winner Frank Biela will be behind the wheel of the Audi 200 quattro TransAm, while three-time Le Mans winner Benoit Tréluyer will be giving it his all in the Audi 90 quattro IMSA-GTO.
Rally fans can expect to see the 1984 Audi Rallye quattro A2 at full throttle. The long wheelbase version was a further development of the previous year's car with which Hannu Mikkola became world champion. Audi opened the 1984 season with a bang when the team with the four rings landed a triple victory at the Monte Carlo Rally. Walter Röhrl, who had just joined Audi Sport, triumphed in his first appearance – but the season was to be shaped by someone else.
The Swede Stig Blomqvist already won the next world championship race in Sweden and finished the season as the world champion driver. Audi also became the brand world champion. At Goodwood, Blomqvist will drive the exact same car in which he started in Monte Carlo in 1984, where he finished in second place.
Frank Biela and Benoit Tréluyer will both be guests of Audi Tradition at Goodwood where they will get behind the wheel of two very special racing cars. Both are symbolic of Audi's beginnings in the USA. After the company withdrew from the rally scene, attention turned to circuit racing in North America. In 1988, the Ingolstadt-based manufacturer took an Audi 200 quattro to the starting line of the TransAm series and were unbeatable there.
Right from the offset, Audi won in the brand classifications, while driver Hurley Haywood brought home the driver's championship. In the following year, Audi registered for the IMSA-GTO series with an Audi 90 quattro. Hans-Joachim Stuck was the star driver there, reaching the top spot of the podium a total of seven times. Having missed the two opening races, it was not to be enough for Stuck or the brand to take home an overall victory.
The Audi vehicles present at Goodwood will be complemented by a two-wheeler from times gone by: the re-built DKW UL 500 from 1937 will also be among the motorcycles taking part in the event.


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Festival of Speed Collection 2019

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will serve a highly contemporary presence at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, presenting a spectacularly faithful recreation of the Grand Courtyard at the Home of Rolls-Royce.

14,000 cobbles and 50 tons of sand were employed to authentically reimagine the iconic Nicholas Grimshaw-designed entrance to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars on the Festival of Speed’s Laundry Green where highly Bespoke expressions of the brand’s full product portfolio will be presented to the public.

Guests of the marque will also be invited to the British debut of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ Collection Car, Wraith Eagle VIII. This remarkable motor car follows the lineage of aviation-inspired Rolls-Royce Collection Cars and, in this instance, celebrates the first powered transatlantic flight and the pioneers who brought this historic feat to fruition, Captain John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur Brown.

Phantom, the marque’s flagship, will be presented front and centre reflecting its standing as the rarest and most desired object in the luxury world. Additionally, this commission serves as an insight into the taste patterns of the global wealth community.

During the development of New Phantom, many clients informed the Home of Rolls-Royce that they often drive their Phantom rather than employing a chauffeur; they enjoy its commanding stature on the road and, by taking the wheel, they can further absorb themselves in the experience that they had curated through Bespoke design.

This shift in user case has led clients to more vibrantly express the marque, often displaying a refreshing irreverence towards the expected codes of automotive luxury. Conveying both the rebellion and tradition that exists at the heart of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, a vibrant Salamanca Blue exterior is balanced by Scivaro Grey leather with Cobalto Blue accents. A less formal bench-style rear seat concludes the highly modern commission.

Following its global launch in the peaks of the Grand Tetons, Wyoming, Cullinan has embarked on a remarkable Bespoke journey with the marque’s patrons who continue to create truly personal expressions of their lifestyles. An exclusive Cullinan has been curated in recognition of this extraordinary adventure.

The commission boldly reconciles the distinct notions of luxury and utility that Cullinan embodies. The brand’s hallmark high gloss paint finish is rendered in Dark Indigo, while Selby Grey with contrasting Tailored Purple interior appointments represent a more playful expression of the brand. In addition, natural Open Pore Blackwood veneer is jewelled with a Bespoke timepiece and highly polished aluminium Bespoke Audio speaker grilles, referencing the technical capability of Rolls-Royce’s proprietary audio system.

Black Badge 
Since the introduction of the marque’s family of Black Badge motor cars, younger, more dynamic patrons of luxury have responded by progressing the marque’s bold alter-ego through their own highly personal Bespoke commissions. For the 2019 Festival of Speed, Rolls-Royce presents three powerful visions informed by the taste patterns of this new breed of entrepreneur.

A Magma Red exterior finish was selected to signify the dramatic intent of this Ghost Black Badge commission. Beyond the marque’s hallmark nine-coat paint finish is a Mugello Red leather interior that, for the first time, is emboldened by a Starlight Headliner with 1,340 individual red fibre optic lights, confidently resolving the interior aesthetic.

Wraith Black Badge is presented in heavy metallic Dark Emerald coachwork with a deep gloss black bonnet. The exterior colourway is extended to the interior: black textured Natural Grain leather is discreetly highlighted with fine cotton Dark Emerald monogramming to the headrests. The dynamic substance of Dawn Black Badge is sensationalised by Galileo Blue coachwork and a modernist Selby Grey interior, complemented by the marque’s carbon fibre Aero Cowling, trimmed in Selby Grey, creating the elegant silhouette of a two-seat roadster.

Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge on Goodwood Hillclimb Course
A visceral demonstration of the most assertive expression of the marque, a Wraith Black Badge will ascend the rigorous Hillclimb course at Goodwood during the Festival’s Supercar Run. It will be driven by a House Driver from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ Black Gloves Programme; a bespoke driving curriculum for Black Badge patrons who wish to exploit the full dynamic potential of their motor car.

Rolls-Royce Phantom as Course Director’s car
The Course Director’s car at the Festival of Speed is recognised as the vehicle that carries celebrities, dignitaries and media guests throughout the event. The marque’s flagship, Phantom, was selected for this honour and will be a regular presence on the course.

Rolls-Royce Phantom: CO2 emission: 356-341 g/km; Fuel consumption: 18.0-18.8 mpg / 15.7-15.0 l/100km. (#) Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge: CO2 emission: 378-374 g/km; Fuel consumption: 16.9-17.0 mpg / 16.7-16.6 l/100km.(#) Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge: CO2 emission: 382-380 g/km; Fuel consumption: 16.7-16.8 mpg / 16.9-16.8 l/100km.(#) Rolls-Royce Cullinan: CO2 emission: 377-355 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.0-18.1 mpg / 16.6-15.6 l/100km. (#) Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge:CO2 emission: 370-365 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.2-17.4 mpg / 16.4-16.2 l/100km.(#) #WLTP (combined)



Duke of Richmond opens the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed

This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard has been officially opened by the Duke of Richmond driving a prototype of the new Land Rover Defender up the iconic Hill.
The test vehicle, which is in the final stages of its global engineering development program, will tackle the course each day of the festival and is sure to wow crowds as they look to get a glimpse of the modern-day version of Land Rover’s most enduring model.
Despite wearing a camouflage pattern to hide its shape, the recognisable Defender silhouette was clear for all to see as it accelerated up the Hill.
The Duke of Richmond said: “Few vehicles in the world can claim to be an icon, but that’s the only way to describe the Land Rover Defender. It’s extremely close to my heart and a vehicle that I’ve had a close connection with over the decades, so to be able to open this year’s Festival of Speed by driving it up the Hill was a real privilege.”
Industry legend and Land Rover Chief Engineer, Mike Cross, is the man responsible for the driving characteristics of the new Defender and will be putting the new 4x4 through its paces across the weekend in the First Glance category. He said: “The new Defender will redefine breadth of capability for the 21st Century, combining unrivalled off-road ability with assured and engaging on-road dynamics. I am really excited to be putting it to the test on the Hill."
The new Defender has just returned from field testing in Kenya with wildlife conservation charity Tusk, to highlight the decline in lion populations in Africa as part of its Year of the Lion initiative.
Timings for the Defender Hillclimbs at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
Thursday 4 July 2019
09:00, 09:40, 16:30
Friday 5 July 2019
11:35, 17:30
Saturday 6 July 2019
Sunday 7 July 2019
10:45, 17:40

Tickets are still available for purchase from:



Legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is world famous for his record breaking number of test match runs, but now he has added another historic Run to his impressive list of achievements… last week the renowned ‘master blaster’ took a drive in a 1900 Daimler, a regular participant in the Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.
The Daimler is in the care of the Royal Automobile Club, organiser of the annual pilgrimage from capital to coast, and Tendulkar was visiting its Pall Mall Clubhouse while in the UK for the ICC Cricket World Cup.
Aware of his love of cars and always keen to share its passion for historic vehicles, the Club transported a 1900 Daimler (sporting a Veteran Car Run Number 10 – Sachin’s number as a player) from its Woodcote Park Motor House to Pall Mall in time for Sachin’s visit.
The Club’s Head of Motoring, Jeremy Vaughan, showed the cricketer the ropes of the 1900 veteran car as they journeyed down Pall Mall together, before turning into St James’s Square.
Following a brief lesson on the workings of a Victorian car, Tendulkar got behind the wheel to have a go at driving the 119-year old Daimler. The sight of a pioneering veteran car being driven by the world’s top scoring batsman was certainly a sight to behold for pedestrians.
After his ride, Tendulkar was driven back to the clubhouse in the veteran and headed inside to enjoy dinner in the clubhouse.
The Club was thrilled to share the excitement of the veteran car world with the icon, and the cricketing star was similarly overjoyed with his ride in a veteran, describing it as ‘an experience I shall always cherish’.
“He soon got the swing of it and despite being overtaken by a bicycle, which he thought was very amusing, proceeded to circle around the square becoming more confident by the minute,” reported Vaughan. “For an international mega star who has 75 million followers on social media, it was so reassuring to teach someone who was genuinely interested in the experience and had the time to listen and take it all in. I did ask him to join us on the Run… and, who knows, perhaps one day he will accept our invitation.”
As tradition dictates, the Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run – organised by the Royal Automobile Club since 1930 – will take place on the first Sunday in November, which this year falls on the 3rd November. More than 400 three- and four-wheelers – all built before 1905 – will take part in the 2019 Run and in excess of 500,000 spectators will line the roadsides between London to Brighton.
Full details of the event can be found on the recently refreshed www.veterancarrun.comwebsite.



Michelin Supercar Paddock returns to Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 - Porsche 911

The Michelin Supercar Paddock is in a new location next to the start line, offering more cars and an immersive walkthrough experience for fans. With everything from unique start-up brands to the latest race iterations from the world’s most famous marques, the Paddock is guaranteed to have a supercar for everyone.
Here’s an exclusive preview of some of the stunning supercars set to feature in the Supercar Paddock and Michelin Main Stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed this week.
Prato Orage
At Goodwood this year, Michelin has its very own Supercar Paddock garage all to itself. Dedicated to the crème de la crème of the supercar world, it’s the utterly outrageous Prato Orage that holds the key to the spot this year. The stylish 900bhp, limited-production French supercar produces over 1,000 Nm of torque and surges from 0-60mph in under 3 seconds. When first launched, it was the most powerful naturally-aspirated V8 engine ever installed on a production car. Keep a lookout too for its driver, Oli Webb, who will be on the Supercar Paddock stage throughout the four-day event!

Porsche 935
Making its dynamic debut at the Festival of Speed, this very special track-only car is inspired by the iconic 1970s racer. Revealed earlier this year, only 77 models of this eye-catching powerhouse will be built, each packing the same 690bhp, 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat-six and chassis underpinnings of the latest 911 GT2 RS. Porsche have achieved the seemingly unachievable by reviving the ultimate legend. With all of its history to cater for, it’s duty-bound to be a treat for the ears too!

Charge Mustang
Mustang purists may be squirming in their seats at the mere thought of a fully-electric version of their favourite classic, but this 150mph, four-wheel drive torque-demon brings the classic car into the future. Charge Cars have revived a Mustang that guarantees the future of this iconic car that is needed in today’s fast-moving automotive world. The supercar is a 400kW power-pack produces a gargantuan 7400Nm of torque, propelling it from 0-60mph in under 4 seconds – almost half that of the original car. 

W Motors Fenyr Supersport
With only 100 to ever be built, the Fenyr Supersport is a ferocious, 790bhp, Middle Eastern force on the tarmac. It’s a hypercar claiming a mind-boggling 250mph top speed figure and will get from 0-60mph in a blistering 2.7 seconds. This successor to the outlandish Lykan Hypersport is expected to give some incredible off-the-line action at the FOS.

Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design – Dynamics and Lightweighting Study
Singer does business in a unique way: taking everything it loves about Porsche and reimagining it into something of a greatest hits album, and the result is stunning. The Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer ‘Design & Lightweight Study’ is the 500bhp, 990kg Porsche restomod that took the world by storm at the Festival last year. Specialists Singer have teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering to create a perfectly crafted 911. With the 964’s original 243bhp, 3.6-litre flat-six engine tweaked to a 4-litre unit with four-valve heads and a whopping 493bhp, the DLS boasts a higher bhp-per-tonne ratio than the McLaren 720S.

Apollo Intensa Emozione
Last year’s Michelin Showstopper of the Festival is back. Well, sort of! A new updated version of the utterly insane Apollo Intensa Emozione - Italian for ‘intense emotion’ – has a primary goal of delivering exactly that without compromise. The €2.3 million track-only hypercar will be found in the Michelin Supercar Paddock this year. Aerodynamically focussed, it's a beast that sports a 6.3-litre naturally-aspirated V12 and weighs only 1,250kg. The IE can hit 0-62mph in 2.7 seconds and carry on to a rapid 208mph. It creates enough downforce to (theoretically) drive upside-down and has a 3D laser-printed triplet exhaust that costs more than a new BMW M4. What more needs to be said…

Lotus Evora GT4
Lotus have a habit of creating the extraordinary. Breaking records, pioneering new innovations and going fast. Very fast. In just a few weeks’ time, the iconic Lotus brand will unveil an all-British, all-electric hypercar, but that isn’t stopping the 71-year-old start-up from focusing on the here and now. A return for the legendary Lotus motorsport DNA, the Evora GT4 will take the fight back to the world’s fastest GT racers. Unveiled in Shanghai earlier this year, the racer brings over six decades of racing expertise to the global GT world. The GT4 will be up on the Michelin Supercar Paddock stage over the four-day festival after, of course, it makes its worldwide dynamic debut up the Hill.

Koenigsegg Agera RSN
This monstrous V8-powered hypercar from Koenigsegg is no ordinary Agera. It uses the same monstrous 1,360bhp, 1,011lb-ft powertrain as the legendary One:1 – the world’s first megacar. Last year, the standard Agera RS became the fastest production car in the world, making this version – with a 200hp increase in power – even quicker! Be prepared for a total obliteration of the Goodwood hill. If that isn’t enough Swedish power for you, then head over to the Michelin Main Stand where Koenigsegg’s latest hypercar – the Jesko – will be sat. With an eye-watering 1,600bhp, it’s set to break the production speed record again with a staggering 300mph+ top speed.

Ginetta Akula
Another car to spot in the Michelin Main Stand is the all-new road-going supercar from Ginetta. Named after a Russian submarine, the Akula is not a supercar to lurk in the shadows. On paper, it certainly looks like it can deliver, sporting a full carbon fibre body and with well over 600bhp coming from its naturally-aspirated V8, the Akula is a study in lightweight construction and aerodynamics. This is a supercar that uses all of Ginetta’s extensive experience in building some of the world’s best track predators to create a serious road-going, racing weapon.

Dendrobium D-1
You might be forgiven to think that there will be an Asian orchid within the Michelin Main Stand but this Dendrobium is anything but a delicate flower. It’s nothing short of a monster, with 1,800bhp and 1,475lb of torque at its disposal. With the power to change perception, it sure packs a fearsome punch! The D-1 is a multi-layered, all-electric powerhouse. According to Dendrobium “performance is redundant if we can’t get the power down on the road.” That’s where Michelin’s advanced understanding of the laws of physics and tyre compound chemistry comes in. Bucket loads of grip are required to keep this stunning hypercar glued solidly to terra firma – make sure you pay it a visit this weekend!


Yianni and the supercar wrapping kings from Yiannimize

And now for something completely different… this year’s Silverstone Classic (26-28 July) is welcoming Yianni and the supercar wrapping kings from Yiannimize to the non-stop family entertainment show.
The incredible projects performed by the top London-based customisation crew are followed by millions on YouTube and now, and for the very first time, visitors to the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival will be able to experience them in action, too. There will also be ‘meet and greets’ with the business’ legendary owner Yianni, star of his own Yianni: Supercar Customiser show on satellite TV station Dave.
The Yiannimize team will be taking to the stage adjoining the Silverstone Classic’s Village Green for two very special Wrap Attack shows on the Friday of the event, and those attending can bring items to be considered for bespoke on-the-day wrapping.
Showcasing their amazing skills as sought-after by many top personalities from sport and showbiz, there will a stunning Yiannimize-wrapped supercar on stage.
“I’m excited to bridge the gap between old and new,” enthused Yanni with one eye on the thousands of classic cars attending the three-day festival and the other on the modern exotica his company specialises in customising for the rich and famous.
“In all their shapes and sizes, the cars are always the stars at the Classic and we are thrilled to be adding yet another car-themed dimension to the high-octane off-track entertainment,” said Nick Wigley, Silverstone Classic CEO. “Yianni has a huge following both on TV and YouTube and in just a few weeks time all those coming to the Classic on Friday will not only get to experience these eye-opening Wrap Attacks live on stage but also to meet the man himself.”
Following in Yiannimize’s wheel-tracks, the same stage will host Mike Brewer’s ever-popular Car Clinics over the weekend at the Classic. As ever the star of the Wheeler Dealers TV show will be casting his expert eye over an intriguing collection of cars between the packed programme of races on Saturday and Sunday. This year’s line-up includes just about everything from a mighty Dodge Charger to a kid’s pedal car – Mike is going to have lots to say! 
All tickets to the Classic must be purchased in advance. Adult admission starts from just £45 and all tickets provide access to both Silverstone racing paddocks, all open trackside grandstands, live music concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings, the action-packed Shift & Drift Zone, funfair rides and the vast majority of the great family entertainment on offer including both Yiannimize and Mike Brewer stage shows. Weekend camping and hospitality upgrades are available, too.
Full details of all 2019 ticket prices are detailed on the website


Pagani Zonda at FoS - Harry Elliott Photography

Later this week Pagani UK will celebrate the 20th anniversary since Horacio Pagani founded Pagani Automobili S.p.A. in grand style at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed (4-7 July).
Pagani’s exclusive official British agent, Pagani UK Ltd, will be gathering a record number of Pagani Zonda and Huayra models together at Goodwood – the largest collection ever seen in Great Britain, with cars and owners coming from as far afield as New Zealand, the USA and Hong Kong specifically for the occasion  – with Company founder Horacio Pagani also on hand, plus almost 30 examples of his exceptional hypercars, with a combined value of around £100million+.
An attention-grabbing convoy of Paganis will head down to Goodwood from London on the morning of Thursday 4 July, with a record 20 Zonda hypercars then heading up the Festival of Speed Hillclimb around 3pm that day; one car to mark each year since the first Pagani Zonda was introduced to huge acclaim in 1999.
Five of the most significant Zonda models will then be on static display for all to admire, located outside of the Goodwood Club’s exclusive GRRC Kinrara enclosure. These five Zondas will include the very first Zonda built, the famous Chassis #1 C25 of 1999, plus a 2005 Zonda F, 2009 Zonda Cinque, 2010 Zonda Tricolore and 2018 Zonda Roadster, one of just three sell-out models made, and the world’s most expensive new car at launch at £15million, and now appreciating! 
In addition, a Zonda R that has recently been subject to the extensive 'Pagani Rinascimento' programme to restore and upgrade older Pagani models, will be in action twice a day, tackling the Goodwood Hillclimb as part of the Supercar Run, with the car usually to be seen in the re-located Supercar Paddock. A sell-out Pagani Huayra Roadster will also be on display at the Kinrara enclosure. Pagani will also have a retail facility (Stand No. 127) with special 20th-anniversary merchandise as part of the Festival’s extensive exhibition zone, located near the Goodwood Cricket Pitch area.
On Friday evening, Pagani UK will be staging a very exclusive 20th-anniversary‘ birthday party’ not far away from Goodwood on the West Sussex coast, with fireworks and few surprises in store for the lucky guests as a fitting celebration of the Modena marque’s first 20 years.
Commenting on its notable 20th anniversary presence at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Christine Clarkin, Pagani UK’s Dealer Principal said, “We were really delighted to be so involved with the Goodwood Festival of Speed once again in such a high-profile way, and I can’t wait to see 20 Paganis parading up the Goodwood Hill on Thursday afternoon as one of the many amazing attractions at this world-leading, must-attend event. She added “I also can’t wait for what promises to be a very special and memorable 20th-anniversary birthday party for our clients and friends on Friday evening. It will be great, and the icing on the cake of the truly excellent weekend at Goodwood”

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All those travelling by car to next month’s Silverstone Classic (26-28 July) will enjoy complimentary breakdown assistance from the RAC while on site at the home of British motorsport.
As the official breakdown rescue provider at the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival, the RAC will have three dedicated, fully-equipped patrol vehicles in place throughout the three-day event – from 30 minutes before the gates open at 7:30am on Friday morning until everyone has safely departed the venue on Sunday evening.
Each orange patrol van is equipped with more than 500 parts and tools which enable RAC technicians to fix four out of five of the 2m-plus vehicles they attend every year.
Despite this impressive fix-rate there are some issues that simply cannot be resolved in situ. For them, the breakthrough All-Wheels-Up recovery system allows RAC patrols to recover stricken vehicles – including those that normally need to be recovered separately – such as 4x4s, automatics and hybrids and even classics – using their roadside rescue vans without the need to summon further help from a flat-bed lorry.
This ‘complete peace of mind’ assistance will be offered to all Silverstone Classic ticket holders whether parking in the circuit’s public car parks or among the 10,000+ car club members adding to the infield show in the dedicated display areas.
As the UK’s most experienced breakdown assistance company with a rich heritage stretching right back to 1897, the RAC has a long history of making drivers’ lives better, whatever the vintage of their car.
“Whether it’s a fifties classic or a state-of-the-art electric vehicle, our RAC patrols have unrivalled expertise of finding solutions to problems – that’s why we are perfectly placed to provide this support to the Silverstone Classic,” enthused James Knight, RAC Chief Operations Director.
He continued: “We have been tending the needs of motorists right from the very early days and still proudly support the pre-1905 cars taking part in the annual Bonhams Veteran Car Run from London to Brighton. Automotive technology, of course, has changed enormously since the dawn of motoring, but the RAC’s legendary roadside assistance has been a constant factor throughout the years and continues to be so today.”
There will also be an opportunity for those at the Classic requiring 24/7 roadside support beyond Silverstone’s gates, to sign up for RAC membership at the RAC sales trailer which will be located in the event’s busy Shopping Village.
“We have a record number of car clubs attending the Classic this year with Saturday’s infield parking displays now completely sold-out. Hopefully, none of them – nor those in the public car parks – will need outside assistance from the RAC but they will certainly get some comfort knowing expert help is at hand should the need arise,” added Nick Wigley, Silverstone Classic CEO. 
As well as offering free RAC breakdown support on site, all Classic tickets provide access to both Silverstone racing paddocks, all open trackside grandstands, live music concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings, the action-packed Shift & Drift Zone, funfair rides and the vast majority of the great family entertainment on offer. All tickets must be purchased in advance. Adult admission is from just £45 and weekend camping and hospitality upgrades are available, too.
Full details of all 2019 ticket prices are detailed on the website. 

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Lotus is following this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 theme ‘Speed Kings – Motorsport's Record Breakers’ with a celebration of some of the most successful, pioneering and record-setting cars ever made, and the drivers that steered them.
Goodwood is the perfect setting for Lotus to follow up on last year’s 70th-anniversary celebrations with an even greater presence in 2019.
The Lotus stand will house the current Lotus range of Elise, Exige and Evora, plus the recently unveiled Lotus Evora GT4 Concept race car which will be campaigning in the global GT series in 2020.
Alongside the Evora GT4 Concept will be a very special Lotus Type 25 F1 car – the almost mythical 25/R6 – which is the actual car in which Jim Clark set the best ever time of 1:20.4 for a lap of the Goodwood circuit in 1965 *.
This lap time has never been and never will be bettered due to changes in the original configuration of the circuit, and Lotus is grateful to the Museum Tinguely for the loan of this unique race car.
Another Jim Clark record still standing is his eight “Grand Slams”: pole position, fastest lap, leading every lap and victory all in the same race, two of which he achieved in 25/R6 at the 1964 British GP and the 1965 French GP. Jim Clark is still way ahead of the next best three who are on five “Grand Slams” each. **
There will be two Evora GT4 Concept race cars at Goodwood this year – both in identical colour schemes mimicking the Lotus Type 25 livery. One will be on the Lotus stand, while the other will be driven up the Goodwood Hill Climb course by Lotus’ Director of Vehicle Attributes, Gavan Kershaw, a former winner of the British GT Championships in a Lotus Evora.
Win a unique Lotus Evora
Lotus is a committed supporter of the Jim Clark Trust, the Scotland-based charity that celebrates the life of one of the greatest racing drivers of all time, and who first entered the world stage driving a Lotus.

Goodwood visitors have a chance to win a unique Jim Clark Lotus Evora special edition, a tribute to Jim’s 1960’s famous red and silver Elan, through a prize draw. This special Evora GT410 Sport is officially designated the 100,000th Lotus road car ever built.
With it comes a spare tailgate signed by all 20 F1 Drivers from the 2019 season. This shows the global support for this worthwhile charity, and Jim Clark’s legacy 51 years after his untimely death
Each ticket costs £20/€20 and the money raised goes towards supporting the Trust’s new museum in Duns, Scotland. The draw to win the Lotus Evora Jim Clark special edition will take place in mid-August 2019, so this is one of the last opportunities to win this unique and valuable car.
Phil Popham, CEO, Lotus Cars, said: “Lotus’ connection to Goodwood is long and strong, and this year, with the theme being Record Breakers, it is fitting that we remember the remarkable and unbeatable lap by Jim Clark, This heritage is our bloodline, but our focus is on the future and this will be reinforced by something new and extra special during the Festival.”
Up the Hill
Eight legendary Lotus cars prepared by Lotus Cars and Classic Team Lotus will head up the Goodwood Hill Climb at the 2019 Festival of Speed:

Lotus 18 – chassis 912
This famous Lotus Type 18 in Rob Walker Racing colours was driven by Stirling Moss to arguably his greatest victory at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1961. It’s a race where the temperature at the circuit was so high that the side panels of this particular car were removed to allow cooler air to circulate around the cockpit, helping Moss to a spectacular win. This Lotus 18/912 will be driven by Clive Chapman, the son of Lotus founder, Colin Chapman.

Lotus 38 – chassis R7
Following a painstaking restoration, this Lotus Type 38 was driven by Al Unser in 1966 and Jim Clark at the 1967 Indy 500 races. It is liveried in the striking ‘Dayglo-Rocket-Red’ STP colour scheme with white high-mounted exhausts. The car will be driven by owner Nick Fennell.

Lotus 49 – Chassis R10
Chassis R10 is the only F1 car to have won the Monaco GP twice - in 1968 and 1969, both times by Graham Hill. R10 will be high-wing 1968 specification and driven by the Graham’s son Damon, the 1997 F1 World Champion. Damon is familiar with his father’s legendary Gold-Leaf red-white-and-gold car, having driven it at the 1,000th F1 World Championship race at Shanghai earlier this year. At that event, this famous Lotus 49 was given pride of place by being the only historic car invited to celebrate the landmark occasion race.

Lotus 72 – Chassis 5
The Lotus Type 72 is the most successful F1 design in the history of motorsport. At Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 it will be united with its legendary driver Emerson Fittipaldi who drove it to the drivers’ and constructors’ World Championship honours in 1972 and again in the 1973 F1 campaign until it was crashed at the Dutch GP. The car has undergone a complete repair and restoration by Classic Team Lotus, using the original design drawings penned by Colin Chapman and chief engineer Maurice Phillipe to ensure it is returned to original specification. Emerson Fittipaldi considers 72/5 to be his favourite, having won his first GP in it, at Watkins Glen in 1970. Multiple Le Mans winner, Jacky Ickx, who raced a Lotus 72 in the 1974 and 1975 seasons, will also be taking the wheel of 72/5.

Lotus 79/2
79/2 is one of the cars that Mario Andretti campaigned and won the F1 Championship in 1978. The Type 79 pioneered the use of ground-effect aerodynamic downforce through its Venturi profiled underbody, and recently won the ‘Innovation Category’ award at the London Concours. This car will be driven by Lee Mowle, a British GT competitor and Classic Team Lotus customer.

Clive Chapman, Director of Classic Team Lotus, said: “This year’s contribution from Classic Team Lotus will be one of the most special for a long time. I am absolutely delighted that Damon, Emerson and Jacky will be reunited with the cars with which they have so much connection. And of course, I will fulfil a lifelong ambition to drive the Stirling Moss’ Lotus 18 – and if the weather is good, we can remove the side panels to recreate Monaco 1961!”
Exige Sport 410 and Evora GT410 Sport
In the supercar runs, a Lotus Exige Sport 410 and a Lotus Evora GT410 Sport, both in the iconic Lotus yellow colour scheme, will be driven by two of Lotus’ leading Vehicle Dynamics Engineers, Dan Peck and James Hazlehurst.

Finally, there will be one last surprise at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for Lotus fans. Further details on this will be communicated nearer the event.



The Annual Great North Classic Car Show is fast approaching bringing you even more events and more cars for enthusiasts of all ages. To be held at Beamish Valley’s premier festival site, Black Horse Beamish, located in the picturesque Beamish Valley conservation area, this year’s event takes place on Saturday, July 6th. Featuring a host of historic high-performance cars and motorcycles, this family day out will for the first time boast a dedicated auction of cars and lifestyle automobilia
. This event is the brainchild of Aston Workshop’s Bob Fountain who says “This has been a long-held ambition of mine, to come up with an event to which families can come and enjoy a day out, with cars, entertainment and FUN in the North East. We had a grand day last year but, by moving the date from April to the summer, we are anticipating a far more spectacular event”. Along with the car show and Concours de’elegance competition, there will be a Gala Dinner in the famous Orchard Marquee featuring a Charity Auction, live music and five-course dinner, hosted by former Top Gear presenter and motoring journalist Steve Berry. Steve will be in attendance all day to answer those Top Gear questions that you have always wanted to ask.
 Hi-lights of the day will include:- 1) After last year’s success, this year’s event more than doubles the number of exhibitors featuring over 400 cars. 2) Featured for the first time will be an on-site auction sale of prestige, classic, collectors and high-performance motor cars and automobilia. Entries are still open for this event
. Contact Aston Workshop to be sure you don’t miss out on this unique event. 3) A new feature will be “Concours d’elegance” featuring prestige cars competing for trophies and awards in special categories. Well known industry judges will preside. 4) The second annual Gala Dinner this year features popular guest speaker Steve Berry, formerly of Top Gear. The chosen charity this year is JPC Community Farm. Full details are available at With advance tickets already selling fast, please contact to reserve your tickets at :

Thursday, 27 June 2019



VW Transporter fans will be chilling out in style at Beaulieu’s VW T Chill as they set up camp with their much-loved campers and commercials in the grounds of the National Motor Museum for a relaxing weekend from Friday 9th to the main show day of Sunday 11th August.
Returning by popular demand, the laid-back rally will bring together all ages and versions of the legendary VW Transporter, from the iconic split windscreen and bay window Type 2, through the much-loved Type 25/Type 3 to the modern-day T4, T5 and T6.
There will be family-friendly activities to join in with throughout the weekend at one of the south’s leading visitor attractions in the heart of the New Forest. It is the perfect opportunity to meet fellow owners, make friends and socialise. On Saturday 10th, rally-goers can join the cruise-out to the picturesque maritime village of Buckler’s Hard, with a classy VW convoy which is sure to get heads turning, then test knowledge in the pub quiz, before warming by the communal fire pit.
On the main show day of Sunday 11th Beaulieu attraction visitors can join the experience, with the chance to see these amazing vehicles at Show and Shine on the Events Arena. Owners will be polishing and decorating their gleaming Transporters to go on display, with prizes for the most eye-catching machines.
Live music by singer-songwriter Izzii Moulsdale will provide entertainment, while the theme for this year’s fancy dress competition is Vanimation. Dress as a favourite animated or cartoon character to be in with a chance of scooping the Best Fancy Dressprize. There will also be prizes for winners of the VW T Chill colouring competition, with under-5s and under-10s categories.
Participant tickets, for those taking part in a VW Transporter, are £16 an adult and £8 a child, with camping tickets at £32 per pitch. Campers’ entry into the showground is from 2pm on Friday 9th to 6pm on Sunday 11th, while VW Transporter owners are welcome to simply join the rally for the Sunday Show & Shine if they prefer. Participant tickets include entry to all of the Beaulieu attraction, including the National Motor Museum with its Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 50 years exhibitionWorld of Top GearOn Screen CarsBeaulieu AbbeyPalace House and the grounds and gardens. For tickets and details see
All other visitors, who would like to see the Show & Shine on Sunday 11th, are able to buy a general attraction entrance ticket and enter Beaulieu through the Visitor Reception building from 10am.