Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Impressive motorcycle stunt duo join us in 2018 for Sywell Classic: Pistons & Props

Impressive motorcycle stunt duo join us in 2018 for Sywell Classic: Pistons & Props

The Two Brothers Stunt Team were the first team in the UK to have a fully dedicated drift bike, the team now have three dedicated drift bikes pioneering the drift bike scene in the UK today! The bikes have a 10” stretched rear swing arm, which is the main obvious modification. They also have lots of other little tweaks to make drifting just that little easier. Such as the flat tank for sitting on in the high chair position whilst drifting, when in the high chair position the rear foot brake cannot be reached so the bikes have an extra rear brake underneath the clutch lever called a handbrake.

The bikes run a full crash cage for those moments when it goes wrong! In the show you will see the guys drift with amazing accuracy, drifting around volunteers and performing various tricks. Although the guys can drift standard bikes, the drift bikes are just so much fun and the Two Bros Team can be a lot more accurate and flexible with the bikes, which makes for a adrenaline filled, noisy, smokey show!

See the display at Sywell Aerodrome on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September. Single Day and Weekend Camping tickets are now available to purchase from www.sywellclassic.co.uk
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