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Saturday night spells the official end of summer time when clocks are turned back an hour, the nights draw in, and the temperatures drop, but what will become of your classic car? For many owners, it also signals the time to tuck it away and tinker on over the winter months, but if you are like us then you will want to continue using it as much as possible. But when it’s dark outside and there’s frost on the windscreen suddenly the idea becomes less appealing, but help is at hand with Holden.

Holden Vintage and Classic has re-mastered an old classic, to create our first new product of the season. The new 12 volt adhesive Screen Heater will add a modern convenience to any classic car regardless of the model and is particularly useful for those that compete in rallies.

Due to increasing enquiries, Holden has spent the last 12 months identifying a suitable manufacturer and manufacturing process, creating a prototype product for the new heated screen. Of course, prototypes must be tested, so Julian Parker from Holden put forward his trusty Citro├źn 2CV.

Speaking of the experiment, Julian said “My 2CV is very much a ‘work in progress’ that started after an ‘I used to have one of these years ago’ conversation in the office. It is a car of utilitarian construction and is in use all year round. After much head scratching, measuring, reading and ultimately rewriting of the instructions, the job of creating the screen heater was done to our satisfaction.  We carried out rigorous testing on the 2CV with the prototype, and it proved a great success, all we needed then was to get the item into production. This has now been achieved and the first batch is here, just in time for those cold and frosty mornings!”

The new 12 volt adhesive Screen Heater fits to the inside of the rear window of the classic car and is wired using a switch provided. The kit includes three lengths of approximately 1200mm x 80mm of self-adhesive heater element that can be cut to size on the two end connecting strips and can also be fitted to the front screen too. Full fitting instructions are available both with the product and via our website.

The heated rear windscreen kit costs £59+ VAT and is available to purchase from the website, please visit:

About Holden Vintage & Classic:
Holden Vintage & Classic is a mail order company established in November 1988. Located in Bromyard in Herefordshire, England, the company has developed as a result of worldwide interest in period motoring. The company started as Lucas electrical specialists for which they are renowned; they use original tooling to manufacture parts where possible, or commission new machinery to produce parts, which are otherwise unavailable. The product range has now been widened to cover many other items including clothing, accessories, books, automotive hardware, oils and tools for the garage or workshop.
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