Thursday, 11 December 2014

Fair Fuel Update

A National Newspaper has teamed up with FairFuelUK to find out why falling oil prices have not been fairly reflected at the pumps each time we fill up. Oil Prices are plummeting to levels not seen since 2009, when pump prices were for petrol 99p and diesel 103p per litre. SO, who is to blame for not passing on a 42% fall in crude oil prices since the Summer? We want to have your thoughts.

Please take part in this quick poll to let us know what you think about current prices and price movements at the pumps. The results will be collated and published in a national newspaper for politicians all to see in our repeated call for that full public enquiry into forecourt pricing. It's time for action and you can help us get it.

Thanks as ever. Without your help we'd be paying considerably more.

Quentin Willson and Howard Cox
Founders of the FairFuelUK Campaign

To take part in the quick and easy poll go to this link
Some of you may need to copy this link into your browser as clicking on it, may not work.

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