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A leading tyre and exhaust specialist based in Bedfordshire has announced a new tyre-fitting service aimed specifically at helping owners of classic cars.
Biggleswade MOT Centre was founded in 1983 and is normally busy looking after customers who drive modern cars. But in the last few months, director Colin Waldock and his team have been getting an increasing number of enquiries from owners of classic cars, vans and estate cars who have been unable to find the right size and profile of new tyre to fit their pride and joy.
Biggleswade Tyres  - Fitting Falken tyres to classics 1
Manager Mark Wilderspin takes up the story; “Several of our regular customers run both modern cars for work and classic cars for pleasure, so we’re always happy to phone around our wholesale suppliers to try to find the right tyre to meet their requirements. In the past we’ve even sourced quality-branded 70 series tyres from Europe as an alternative to the high prices being asked by some suppliers of traditional classic-branded tyres, here in the UK,” he explains.
While classic cars, vans and estate cars might not rack-up high annual mileages, recent concern over tyre safety has put the spotlight on the possible dangers of ageing tyres. But Mark points out that selecting the right profile - and tread pattern - is just as important when it comes to finding a new tyre for an older vehicle. “While the actual look of the tyre might not sound like a priority, most modern tread patterns and tyre profiles just don’t look right on a classic car,” he adds.
The solution to this problem came from Japanese tyre manufacturer Falken. “As a Falken Tyre distributor, we’re delighted to confirm that Falken still offers a number of tyre sizes, profiles, tread patterns and load ratings suitable for classic cars and vans,” he explains. “And many of our customers have been pleasantly surprised to discover that we can supply a complete set of good quality Falkens for a price that isn’t that much more than that being asked for a single classic-branded tyre elsewhere,” he smiles. "The 80-Series profile 145x10inch Falken radial is especially popular with owners of classic Minis who want to retain that early 1960s look," Mark adds.
Biggleswade Tyres  - Fitting Falken tyres to classics
Falken Tyres offer high product quality combined with value for money and the bonus of a 'no comeback' warranty. According to manager Mark, “Falken quality is right up there with premium brands,” he explains. “Several of our team here are a classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts, so we’re just as happy working on a classic Mini, MG or Jaguar as a modern car,” he adds.
Biggleswade MOT Centre Limited is an independent, privately-owned business located just off the main A1 road, 40 miles north of London. While also selling other brands, last year the company was one of the leading distributors of Falken tyres in the UK. "So we must be doing something right!" joked Mark.

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